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Quality Policy

At Wooden Bakery it is our aim to become the number one Bakery in the Middle East and position itself among industry leaders Worldwide. Hence, it is our continuous endeavor to push our presence and strengthen our brand in the Bakery Business not only meeting customer requirements but exceeding their expectations consistently with highest quality products and services.

Wooden Bakery will ensure its continual growth by:

Wooden Bakery wants to supply its customers with timely products delivery in the right quantities at the right places.
Based on our specialization and experience, we are able to optimally meet the expectations of our customers.
The Quality of Wooden Bakery's products and services are facilitated by a quality management system, consistent with ISO9001-2015 standard, which results among other things, in personnel having the required experience, and in appropriate administrative procedures.
Fundamental to Wooden Bakery's success and continued growth are its' people. The Wooden Bakery's personnel consists of an experienced group of people ready to accept the many challenges that exist in today's market.
The quality of our products and services is of the utmost importance of the future existence of the company. Consequently, we expect all of our employees to act as entrepreneurial and to contribute to improve our quality level.

By means of this policy, management is committed to supply the necessary resources and to insure continual improvement, in accordance with the requirements of ISO9001-2015.