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Our Story

In 1969, Mr. Edward Bou Habib founded Wooden Bakery in Jal El Dib, Lebanon with a vision to provide top-notch bread.

Over the past decade, Wooden Bakery revolutionized the industry in Lebanon by setting new standards and upgrading its product and services.

The innovative contributions of his sons Mr. Assaad & Mr. Ghassan, in 1996, led to the brand's expansion, marking the opening of its initial retail outlet in 1999 and the establishment of franchising in 2002. Presently, boasting over 32 branches across Lebanon, Wooden Bakery has not only reshaped the local baking industry but has also ventured internationally into Saudi Arabia, Qatar, the UAE, Iraq, and Kuwait. This growth underscores their steadfast commitment to delivering quality and innovation, transcending geographical boundaries.

& Vision

Mission & Vision

Wooden Bakery's mission is to ascend as the top bakery choice in the Middle East and attain a prominent global position.

We strive to establish ourselves as the preferred bakery destination while reinforcing our brand in the industry.

This is accomplished by consistently surpassing customer expectations, delivering superior products and services, and exceeding customer satisfaction at every interaction.

Our Long Term Vision & Goals

Our aim is to build a revered national and international franchise network that exceeds the value of its individual components.

Through franchising, we leverage our partners' strengths to achieve our shared objectives. Franchise owners benefit from comprehensive training, a tested business model, tailored support, a robust brand identity, and unparalleled prospects for success.

We are dedicated to sharing the inherent rewards of our business.



Edward Bou Habib establishes Wooden Bakery in Jal El Dib, Lebanon, laying the foundation for the brand's journey.


Mr. Assaad & Mr. Ghassan, sons of Edward Bou Habib, contribute innovatively, leading to the expansion of Wooden Bakery.


The opening of Wooden Bakery's initial retail outlet marks a significant milestone in its local presence.


The establishment of franchising accelerates the brand's growth strategy, enhancing its reach and impact.

Present Day

With over 32 branches in Lebanon, Wooden Bakery has not only reshaped the local baking industry but has also expanded internationally into Saudi Arabia, Qatar, the UAE, Iraq, and Kuwait, demonstrating a commitment to global quality and innovation.

Interested In Owning A Franchise?

Ready to embark on a flavorful journey as a franchise partner? Dive into a world of culinary opportunities by exploring our franchising program. Take the first step towards owning your slice of our success story. Discover the recipe for franchising success and join us in bringing our exceptional flavors to new horizons. Let's shape the future of food together.