Our Area Development Franchises

Internationally, Wooden Bakery is moving forward by means of area development franchising, whereby the Wooden Bakery format, factory and outlets, brand, and methods are licensed to third parties in new international territories for a free and ongoing financial consideration. Buying an international franchise is investing for high return, that's why Wooden Bakery has developed resource full of tips and information to get you started. Similarly, Wooden Bakery with its distinguished network of contracts, infrastructure, and suitable resources, assist in setting financial criteria. A schedule will be provided to know how many outlets must be opened within a certain period of time. Therefore, an initial and ongoing training and support program has been built to ensure that the Franchise Owner is fully proficient in their requirement to operate the complete business methods of the Wooden Bakery franchise in all its various activities. Moreover, Franchise Operations Manuals are supplied to the Area Developer; these manuals cover every aspect of the Wooden Bakery franchise, detailing all business aspects.